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82 Pages | $24 Print  & Digital |  $8 Digital

 Our Summer 2017 Issue  theme is “Vintage  Vacation", a look at the classic American Road Trip and retro travel. Featuring lovely dames from around the world, classic planes, curvy cars (including one of Elvis's Cadillacs), and features on artists, pinups, military history and veterans.  Featuring Darby Fox and Sarah Vamp, The Vintage Style Council, Missi of Curve Creation, Dariel Dearlove, and the photography of William Haubert, Tim Hunter, Dynamite Dames, Vestige Photography, Atomic Age Photography, Vintage Beauty Photography, and more!  As always, safe for work and Grandma. A portion of our proceeds for each issue goes to veterans and active military!


We put our proceeds right back into keeping our magazine and online presence going and supporting our community. Dames, Planes and Automobiles reserves a portion of proceeds for every publication to donate toward groups which help and support U.S. active military, veterans, and their families. Additionally, we publish donation information and editorial on museums, institutions, events, and groups which support education and awareness of military, aviation, cultural, and automotive history.


Non-profits and other groups we've donated to and featured include:


Camp Hope - PTSDUSA Houston

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